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Green River Chiropractic strives to provide care when you need it. We are diligent to schedule all new patients the day they call for same day service.

As a new patient, you may be wondering what the first visit will be like. Starting with the phone call, information is gathered to prepare any intake paperwork. Soon, these forms will be located here on this site that can be filled out prior to the first visit. Once you have arrived, we value your time and try to expited any remaining paperwork. A short video is showed to provide an overview of how the Chiropractic Adjustment works. As your visit is genererally symptom based, an exam will be performed by the doctor. If during the exam, the findings may indicate a need for x-ray films to be taken, but are done on an as-needed basis.

After all of your health information is obtained, you will be lead to the adjusting room where the Doctor will go over the adjusting techinques that will be used, demonstrating with a educational spine.

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